Members Badge Draw Friday Night is $9500.00. Sunday Members Badge Draw is at $4000.00, 2 financial Members called.

Artist Information

simply-bushed-1Simply Bushed-The Services Club (Songhouse)


Adults $20 Child $15

Sunday 22nd- 8pm “LOUD & PROUD” 

Saturday 28th- 1pm “CAMPFIRE”

No music act embodies the essence of the Australian Spirit and our national heritage more than award winning band SIMPLY BUSHED !!

This Sydney band continues to capture audiences of all ages wherever and whenever they appear. Bringing a new perspective and a modern edge as well as original songs that have been reviewed as “songs that will very well become classics for new generations of Australians”

Simply Bushed has been honored with multiple awards as they continue to write in the style of our timeless heritage music which is oozing with modern relevance. This band has cleverly incorporated all styles of Australian music.

Original music by this unique Australian Music act has featured on CMC and received widespread airplay in Australia and Internationally.

SIMPLY BUSHED brings an excellent level of showmanship, humour and musical professionalism to any event . When it comes to festivals , including SIMPLY BUSHED on the bill will add a sense of energy, national pride and history and will add to any line up with a unique sound that appeals to audiences of all ages.

LUKE O’SHEA & THE MEDICINE WHEEL-The Services Club (Songhouse)


Adults $20 Child $15luke

Saturday 21st- 3pm

Sunday 22nd- 3pm

Thursday 26th 3pm

Friday 27th- 3pm

Sunday 29th 3pm

Click on the following link to purchase tickets or they are available at The Services Club on 02 6766 8166.

Luke O’Shea feels a strong connection to the land. As a teenager and throughout his early twenties, he escaped Sydney’s sheltered Sutherland Shire to join the throng of back packers bumming around Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and Europe. During what Luke describes as ‘his glorious wasted years’, he developed a fascination and respect for these varied lands and their unique people, absorbing their many stories and universal truths.

In subsequent years as a touring musician his passion deepened.

In 2012, Luke stole his wife and three children away in a beat up old caravan to explore inland Australia and the awe-inspiring ‘Top End’, proudly passing on the gypsy gene. Three years later with the eldest approaching her mid-teens, he and his wife seized a rapidly closing window of opportunity to spend another four months together traveling through the ancient Kimberly breathing in the spacious and powerful beauty of North Western Australia.

It was an adventure that would inspire the compelling sixth studio album ‘Caught Up In The Dreaming’ from the much awarded and respected singer-songwriter.

The overall themes of the album are connection to Australia – the physical land and it’s unique people – and our limited time upon it with the ones we love.

“I’m most alive and invigorated when I’m feeling a connection to land and the elements.” reflects Luke. “Awareness of our mortality is the greatest catalyst for positive change. Appreciation, respect, perspective, inspiration and affirming actions closely follow those who see life for what it truly is – a fleeting and precious gift.”

Caught Up In The Dreaming was mostly recorded in South Eastern Queensland at the studio of Luke’s co-producer Benjy Pocock. Two songs – ‘Stronger Than Nicotine’ and ‘Catch You’ were co-produced with Matt Fell in Sydney.

5_7620_28sep2015154650_lonnielee_eventLonnie and The Leemen- The Services Club (Songhouse)


Saturday 21st to Friday 27th

Adults $28 Concession $26 Child $17


The opening set of this road trip leads us to the days of the original Rock’n’Roll Pioneers. He tells a nostalgic story, visiting the early Rockabilly Elvis and Australia’s original Rock’n’Rollers, the first hit makers.These were the days when teenagers first experienced the freedoms and excitement of having their own music idols to whom they could jive and swing to the beat put out by these young, sexy singers…

Lonnie Lee was one of the first of this new breed. He is Rockabilly’s finest, and there’s no better testament to the quality of his show and the respect he holds for his peers, than to hear him sing the massive hits of his friends and peers.

In the second set, it’s Lee’s natural knack of transforming relatively staid songs, into something spectacularly sexy, with throats-a-rumblin’ and sharp shoulders twitchin’ to the rhythm that will see your body bop and boogie all night long. It’s a gloriously comprehensive set, nodding to the obvious staples plus plenty of more obscure tracks, all delightfully packaged in Lee’s latest tour: Lonnie Lee’s Solid Gold.

“My show brings everything into one authentic songbook, which the audiences and I and my band the Leemen, enjoy performing so much,” explains Lee. “I identify with all the songs I sing, as if they’re my own, as they’re close to mine and my audience’s hearts.

Lonnie is very excited about coming back to the Services Club for 2017 so he hope to get to see as many fans and friends as possible and he’s very appreciative of the fact, after so many years, people still come to my shows.

He says, “I also feel blessed to be healthy and able enough to still do what I love the most; and that is to sing!”

Considered to be the ‘Last Man Standing’ of his era.. Sit back and experience the most authentic superstar of the original Rock ‘n’ Roll era, Lonnie Lee. It does not get any more exciting than this.



Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club
North Tamworth Bowling Club
Jan 2017
15 Great Unique Shows !!
nearly 100 performers through the week!!
(9pm “Features” means “a lean” toward that flavour!)

6pm Sat 21 A Mix of All the Nights – Special Guests –
Leslie Avril, Louise Adams (X-Factor!), Brookie Schiemer,
Marcus Sturrock & ever more!
9pm Sat 21 Hot Fiddle Feature – Special Guests –
Louise Adams, Shared Affair, Rachel Johnston Cello,
Stephanie Eldridge Fiddle Champ, Jude Iddison WA

6pm Sun 22 The Hired Hands Anniversary Show
Lawrie Minson & Friends with over 30 years covered
9pm Sun 22 Ukulele & Mandolin Feature – Special Guests –
Mick Conway, Wild Women of Armidale, Chatham City,
Gunnedah Ukes, Sophie Raymond(!), Clermont,
plus Brookie & Daniel Gillett and …!!

6pm Mon 23 A Mix of All the Nights – Special Guests –
Louise Adams (X-Factor!), Leslie Avril, David Hoffman (USA Fiddle)
9pm Mon 23 Banjo & Oldtime Feature – Special Guests –
David Hoffman (USA) & Harry O’Donovan, Montz Matsumoto,
Rachel Johnston Cello, Rob Long

6pm Tue 24 A Mix of All the Nights – Special Guests –
String Theory, David Hoffman (USA Fiddle),
9pm Tue 24 Girls Night – Special Guests –
Sue Carson, Louise Adams (X-Factor!), Sophie Raymond,
Goldheist, Shared Affair, Rachel Johnston, Brookie Gillett + many

6pm Wed 25 A Mix of All the Nights – Special Guests –
String Theory, Shared Affair with Tony Smith
9pm Guitar Feature – Special Guests –
String Theory, Marcus Sturrock, Rob Long, Shared Affair,
Brendan Radford & Clermont

6pm Thu 26 A Mix of All the Nights – Special Guests –
String Theory, String Loaded, Quentin Eyers
9pm Thu 26 Night of Piano – Featured Guests include
Goldheist (Voted Peoples Favourite!), Garry Steel, Quentin Eyers, Richard McPhillips, Tony Eyers

Please note – No Fri 27 6pm concert
9pm Fri 27 Dr Phil Hungerford “The Middle Years” big Band!

6pm Sat 28 Bluegrass Champions!
Book/ arrive early !!!
9pm Sat 28 The Grand Finale!! Pure Gold!!

The Supper Club “Big” Band – most shows – includes Clermont, Brookie & Daniel Gillett (Tamworth Theatre), Marcus Sturrock Guitars & Jude Iddison Fiddle WA, Montz Matsumoto Banjo TAS, String Loaded Celtic Family Band, Garry Steel Piano, Rodney Ford Drums, Rob Long Guitar/ Drums, Jess Stocker Percussion, Quentin Eyers Bass, Piano, Guitar, Mandolin, Rachel Johnston (but only till Wed) Cello SA/NZ

All Concerts $25
Double Concert $40 (available at the door) plus
Season Pass (5 free shows!!) $250
Tickets @ most Outlets & Venue closer to time
or Ph 0407 753809 with inquiries

ryhmerBush Poets at the North Tamworth Bowling Club!!!
“The Rhymer’s Roundup”
in its 5th big year!

Well known “Multi-Award Winning” Bush Poet, “The Rhymer from Ryde”, will once again present his talented troupe of Bush Poets & Musos at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017.
These shows known as “The Rhymer’s Roundup” will highlight the talents of previous Golden Damper Performance Competition Winners and place getters, as well as established Australian & State Performance Champions, both past and present.
The 2017 Bush Poetry venue for this momentous event will be:

The North Tamworth Bowling Club
22 – 26 Bligh Street (cnr Piper), Tamworth NSW 2340
Tel: 02 6766 1987

6 Big Shows will be held from Friday 20th through to Wed 25th January, 2017 with shows starting at 10.30 am & finishing at approx. 12.30 pm. – That’s 2 hours of fun, frivolity and mayhem involving some of Australia’s best poets.
Tickets are only $7.50 at the door, with meals being available during the show.
The Club is air conditioned, with plenty of on street parking, and is on the City of Tamworth Music Festival Express Bus route (number 431 hourly from the City Centre).

2017’s roster of artists includes:

*Gregory North – 3 times Australian Male Bush Poetry Champion 2008 – 2010
*Rhonda Tallnash – 2016 Yarnspinner of the Year, 2015 Australian, NSW & VIC Female Bush Poetry Champion, 2014 QLD Champion
*John Peel – 2015 Runner Up Male Australian Champion. 1st place Golden Damper Award winner 2013 & 2008
*The Rhymer from Ryde – 1st place Golden Damper Award winner 2011
*Noel Bull – First place Golden Damper Award winner 2011
*Pat Drummond – 2016 TSA “Songmaker-Lifetime Achievement Award” Winner, Australian Independent Country Music Artist of The Year 2000. Joint Winner of Male Vocal of the Year at the Australian Bush Music Festival and Grand Finalist in Four Categories (including Album of the Year, Heritage Award and Country Song of the Year and Producer of the Year) in the Toyota CMAA Country Music Awards
(*NB* Not Appearing Tues 24th January)
*Steve Passfield –Golden Guitar Winner for “Instrumental of the Year” Steve is the driving force behind the Award winning “Handpicked” Band formed in 1988. They released 3 independent CD’s before Steve went solo with ‘Goin’ it Alone’ in 2007, followed by ’Timberman & other Tales’ in 2010
(*NB* Appearing Tues 24th January ONLY!)

For the full line up of artist and timeslots. Click on the link below



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